as the turing poin
t of her acting career,"Na

nking!" director Lu Chuan,

eng Ke Ding JiChoreogra▓phy by Jie KeAll Say My Home Town Is BeautifulWords by Xiao PeihengMusi▓c by Lu QimingSung by Meng Ge Yan Dangdang Wang Qingshuang銆婇暱姹熶箣姝屻€?Song of the Yangtze River Wor▓ds by Hu HongweiMusic by Wang Shiguan

gSung by Wang Hongxing Huo Y▓ong Zhong Liyan Hu YanPearl of the OrientWords Lo Ta YuMusic by Lo Ta YuSung by Cao Fujia Shi ▓Peng銆婂勾杞荤殑鏈嬪弸鏉ョ浉浼氥€?Young Friends Come TogetherWords by Zhan▓g MeitongMusic by Gu JianfenSung by Wei Jindong Liao ZhongWang Feifei Zhu HaichenYangtze Rolling EastMusic by Gu JianfenWo▓rds by Yang ShenSung by Yang Hongji Zhang Haiqing銆婂湪甯屾湜鐨勭敯閲庝笂銆?In the Field of HopeWords by Xiao GuangMusic by Shi GuangnanSung by Gao Yin Wu Chunyan,


who established h

et alBeleaguered South Kor▓ean auto maker Ssangyong Motors is seeking protection from creditors afte▓r red ink mounted and cash flow collapsed amid falling sales. If ▓the situ

Decree on Jan. 2

ation does not improve, the company would become the▓ first major auto maker to go bankrupt in Asia because of the financial crisis. China's Shanghai Automotive Industry is the biggest Ssangyong's biggest shareholder and is closely working with the▓ troubled firm to survive the crisis. Ssangyong Motor▓s says

it's made the "unavoidably choice" to file for court receivership to deal with an urgent liquidity crisis. It posted debt of more than one trillion won, or seven-hundred and 45 million US dollars, as it was rocked by plunging demand for vehicles. The court

2. Music Arranged by M

h▓as one month to consider the application.Jia Ke, Auto analyst ▓said "Ssangyong's application for court receivership offers temporary p

rotection as creditors cannot sell assets. The court will decide whether the firm is able to survive, if not, ▓it will go into bankruptcy proceedings."Ssangyong is the fifth largest ▓auto maker in South Korea, primarily manufacturing SUVs. It sold 92 thousand vehicl

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